Entertainment in China

First of all, Chinese people are very friendly and it is very safe to have fun in all major cities. Of course there is no lack of places to go for entertainment in China.

1. Movies, performing art, music theaters are everywhere. Theaters in Beijing are among the best in the world. Every day, art groups from around the world put on their shows there.

2. Bars are very popular. You will meet all kind of people there.

3. Commercial dancing clubs are also popular. These places are usually hot and loud. Most of the goers are young people.

4. All kinds of commercial and professional clubs such as horse riding, golfing, photography, sailing, fishing. You name it.

5. Places that are unique in China are the many foot massage houses. You pay somewhere between 50 to 200 Yuan (8 - 30 USD) and you can enjoy up to 1 hour and 30 minutes' treatment of your feet. They are healthy, non-sexual and very comfortable.