Dating Chinese Girls



I haven't been home for almost five months, I really miss my little brother. look at his cute face, wanna kiss him...

The Ordinary World

I want to recommend a novel to my friends here: Ordinary World(平凡的世界).It described the great social changs happended after the social reform and opening up tremendous in China last century from the perspective of the grassroots farmers. This novel is a great inspiration for me: cherish what we have, have the courage to work hard to pursue what's in our heart. We can also feel how difficult it has …

mud-color paintings

I'm learning to draw the mud-color paintings recently, this stuff is to train one's patience, but it's also very interesting. I'd like to share with you if you like it.

Hey People

Hey all,would like to make friends with some people around here, i live in China, it would be nice to know a new friends, interested add my QQ or WeChat : 56267507 have a nice 1 MrPresident


我们都曾是仙人掌。 被爱的时候,不太掩饰伤人的锋芒,因为有恃无恐,觉得无论怎样肆意伤害,那个拥抱你的人,永远不会离开。 直到有一天...... 而可怕的是,彼此挣开的刹那,连着刺带着皮肉,血淋淋的,痛得一哆嗦的时候,才明白什么是两败俱伤。 因为看过结果,所以不肯再冒任何血肉模糊的风险。 最好的给予,并不是以牺牲者的身份带走一身的刺,而是有了免疫不再生刺。从此悉心经营,体谅宽容,平安喜乐,静度一生。…

Need my Princess Baby

Hi My qq name is Your David. My qq no is 2780185481 I am looking only to find my Beautiful Princess Baby here xx

New here...

My QQ = 1265804015 I am considering moving to China... somewhere warm, with NO snow... lol I prefer good looking women, who are slim, petite, with slim legs and a round bum... Owning your own business would be great, as I like people with the entrepreneurial spirit. I am very laid back, romantic, creative, very intelligent, calm, charming, very humorous, funny, usually smiling and enjoying life...…


Looking for my future wife , where are you ?? Dont hide , come to me and let us be together.


I am an American artist deeply curious about other cultures. I'd like to make friends all over the world and share my art with you.


Would be glad to receive your letter, my name is Li xue, I am a romantic person, I am looking for my king, but has not been found, told me that he is you? I'd like to know more about you, but I am not often there, would you like to come to gaga understand me? I often where, I hope we know more about each other there, this is my ga ga, he didn't need to downloa…